June 1, 2019

About Us

What is Colorado Newborn?


Colorado Newborn is a new parent’s best friend – and a statewide resource for doula support during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. Parents, you can book a consultation with Jenn, our Family Care Coordinator, where she will help you determine your needs for care before, during, and after the birth of your baby. By offering services like consulting, birth coaching, lactation support, placenta services, baby sleep support, in-home postpartum support, and overnight infant care, Colorado Newborn helps parents have a smooth and confident experience welcoming their newest family member. 


SERVING FAMILIES IN Denver | Colorado Springs | Castle Rock | Pueblo | Fountain | 


Who Can Benefit from Colorado Newborn’s Services?


Many parents feel that they could use some extra support but aren’t sure if Colorado Newborn is right for them. If any of these describe you, we can help you take your birth or parenting experience to the next level!


  • I’m having my first baby and I’m overwhelmed/anxious
  • I’m having another baby and I remember how tough it was, so I need more help this time
  • My partner/spouse would like some support and guidance to be the best birth coach/parent 
  • I struggled with difficulties during pregnancy/birth/recovery/postpartum and want a smoother experience this time
  • My baby is here and I want to be confident in their care
  • My baby is here and I’m exhausted and sleep-deprived


Meet the Owner of Colorado Newborn


Jenn Leonard is the CEO and Family Care Coordinator at Colorado Newborn Family Care


Jenn is one of Colorado’s leading specialists in connecting new parents with the finest professional support and guidance through pregnancy, birth, and infant care. In 2002, Jenn’s first son was born – and she had never as much as babysat a newborn, leading her to wonder how new parents were supposed to do it all on their own! After five years of dedicated research and education, other parents started to come to Jenn for pregnancy and infant advice and her passion for family support was ignited. In 2011, Jenn became formally trained and certified in supporting new families through birth and postpartum. Shortly after, she founded Colorado Mountain Doulas, the first doula agency in Colorado Springs. Today, she heads up Colorado Newborn, a statewide agency connecting parents with pregnancy and birth support; placenta services; postpartum support; overnight newborn care; and other supportive family services. When not matching up tired new parents with their dream postpartum and infant specialist, Jenn can be found writing relatable blogs or enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery with Adam, her best friend, and husband; Ash and Aeden, her sons; and her three furred kids.

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