January 3, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions we receive at Colorado Newborn. Have additional questions? We’d love to chat with you.

Q: My friend/family member had a “baby nurse/night nurse” who did chores overnight, gave her massages, cooked, cleaned, etc. Is that what an NCS or Postpartum Doula does?

A: While many of our providers can help with additional things during the day, the primary role of our providers is to provide professional newborn care and direct family support. Scope of care and rates for each provider will vary and may increase depending on the support requested. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your needs thoroughly to help you find the perfect provider for your family.

Q: Why does an NCS need to be a household employee? Can’t I just pay cash? With my last baby, we paid the agency for our postpartum doula.

A: Some postpartum doula agencies do handle invoicing for the doulas they work with, as they are contractors, often work shorter contracts and work with multiple clients at one time with their own business. Newborn Care specialists will sometimes also have their own business entity and will choose to have you pay them as a contractor, but similar to the nanny you may hire when your little one is older, Newborn Care Specialists usually work with one family at a time, for extended periods of time, and are legally considered employees of your household and as such need to have taxes set aside from their pay, etc. We can offer guidance in this area as well once we are working together.