December 30, 2021

Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Specialist - Colorado NewbornNewborn Care Specialist:

A Newborn Care Specialist is a professional provider who is highly trained and experienced in all things Newborn. Many years ago, the term “baby nurse” was often used to describe a nurturing, but untrained person who would come to your home to care for your infant. This term is no longer accurate, and unless a provider has an actual nursing degree is it illegal to use the term nurse.

Today, Newborn Care Specialists are the most highly educated in-home newborn care provider. They are well versed in common and uncommon medical issues, feeding modalities, general baby development and age-appropriate sleep hygiene and routines.




Is a Newborn Care Specialist right for your family?

Training/Experience Family Needs
  • Infant specific training with certification option
  • Common and uncommon medical issues
  • Preemies
  • Multiples
  • Parent education
  • Developmental milestones
  • Self-led
  • Committed to establishing healthy long-term sleep habits and routines
  • Help with baby related chores
    • washing baby laundry
    • bottle and pump parts
    • organizing and stocking nursery
  • Helping with the baby overnight so you can get more sleep
  • Overnights
  • 24 Hour Care
  • Live in
  • Live out
  • 6 week-6 month contracts
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