Prepare for the 4th of July with your Newborn

Jenn Leonard

Jenn Leonard

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While the majority of people around you are likely searching the internet for things like 4th of July fireworks near me or, 4th of July events near me, If you have a new baby at home, your search history might range from the fun to the paranoid.

Use this handout to help you remember the items you’ll need.


  • Make sure to include portable shade, a sunhat, and/or long sleeves and pants in a light fabric to keep your baby’s delicate skin from being damaged by the sun. Babies under 6 months old should not be using commercial sunscreen.
  • Going on a boat? Make sure to find an infant-approved life vest in case of emergencies. Don’t forget swim diapers, which will help keep the water clean, but won’t get waterlogged.
    Babies require more hydration in the heat, so if you’re breast/chestfeeding, don’t be surprised if baby seems to nurse more often. If you’re bottle feeding, make sure to bring along a little extra milk or formula just in case.
  • Plan ahead to take naps at home, but if that isn’t possible, don’t forget an approved portable sleep surface, set up in the shade so baby can get the rest they need. Sometimes the best option is to have an extra set of hands to take baby back home, or to the air-conditioned vehicle for a safe nap in the car.



  • Your neighbors will likely be setting off loud, bright fireworks for most of the night, if not for a few days before and after July 4th. Make sure to set up the nursery with everything you will need to keep the noise and lights to a minimum. Every night is a great night for a cozy sleep environment, so make sure to turn up the white noise a bit higher.
  • Have some infant ear protection on hand just in case the noise can’t be drowned out. (or if you plan to attend a display in your town)
  • Temporarily moving the crib or bassinet to a room in the middle of the house, or away from an outside wall can also help to muffle the sound.
  • The new AAP sleep guidelines recommend that baby shares a room with an adult for the first 6 months, making it easy to quickly react if baby does get woken up.
  • A skilled Newborn Care Specialist on hand is also a great way to make sure baby is well cared for while having your fireworks too!

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